Brianna Godbolt is a young blogger, living in Miami, with a passion for sharing the word of God in any form she can. She started writing at the tender age of 11 when she wrote her first song. She quickly realized that writing was a way she could share her heart with the world. She continued her passion for writing through facebook as she shared her testimony with family and friends, and posted daily scriptures and quotes to encourage her readers. From there she explored other blogging sites like Youtube, BlogSpot, and Wix, searching for the best formate to express the gift of God inside of her. In 2016, she started her first women’s ministry blog called Suitable Sisters. After 2 years of blogging and vlogging there, Brianna put blogging aside to express her passion for outreach. She took to the streets of Miami and Broward with a speaker and a mic, preaching to anyone who would listen. Today, she continues to share the Good News of the Gospel through Youtube videos and her various blog sites. Brianna’s goal is to share God’s revelations of truth to the nations through her writings, preachings and holy lifestyle.