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5 Types of Emotional Baggage that Threaten your Destiny

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There’s nothing worse than entering into a new season of life carrying baggage from the last season. As young women aspiring to be great, it’s expected that situations will arise that test our patience, purpose, and virtue. People will betray you, accuse you, and misuse you. But if we ever plan on reaching our best potential, we’ll have to learn to overcome all of that adversity. How can one move forward, progress, or evolve if she doesn’t grow from her past experiences? Moving into this new decade and new season of life, we need to depart from the baggage we’ve obtained in the last season.  

There are 5 types of emotional baggage we need to unpack and leave behind in order to develop a healthier mental space that will prepare us for greatness. 

  1. Bitterness: The presence of bitterness in our hearts is a sign that we have not let go of past hurts and disappointments. The longer we hold on to bitterness, the longer we are a slave to the past. We become slaves to the past when we choose to focus on what happened back then, instead of focusing on what’s happening now. If we simply redirect our focus by embracing the now and imagining a better tomorrow, we’ll find that the monster of bitterness will become smaller and smaller. 
  2. Rejection: Rejection is not easy to move on from, I know this first hand. Simply put, rejection is the feeling of being unaccepted and insignificant. Rejection only hinders you when you begin to agree with the opinions of your offender. The paradox of rejection is that the person who has allowed rejection to hinder them will also have trouble accepting themselves. The reason you need to depart from this emotional baggage is that the longer you hold on to it, the longer it will take for you to realize your value and worth. You have to recognize that the person who rejected you did so because they don’t know who you are, or who you’ll become. You ought to remind yourself of what God says about you and let go of others’ opinions. Remember, their words are temporary and God’s words are eternal. Only God’s thoughts about you will stand the test of time. All other words, contrary to God’s, will crumble and die.
  3. Fear of failure: It’s never comfortable to try again after what seems like an embarrassing defeat, especially in relationships and business ventures. When we put all of our hope into someone or some opportunity and it doesn’t work out the way we want, the disappointment can be overbearing. But answer me this, do you still want it? Do you still that thing that didn’t work out? Can you still see yourself in that position? Do you still imagine yourself as a wife or mother? If the answer is yes, then that’s reason enough to keep trying. If you let the fear of failing stop you from pursuing your dreams, you’ll only ever be as great as fear will allow you to be. Answer me another question, do you think fear wants you financially stable? Does fear want you in a healthy relationship? Does fear want you bold? If your answer is no, then you can no longer afford to submit to fear. Break free from the deceiving comfort of fear and pursue your purpose. 
  4. Distrust: If you plan on being impactful or accomplishing anything great, you can’t do it on your own. No great person ever made it to the “top” without the help or support of someone else. If you want to move past mediocre, you’ll have to forgive those who betrayed you and understand that just because they were untrustworthy doesn’t mean everyone is. We obviously can’t trust everyone with our vision or our plans, but by wisdom and openness of mind, we’re bound to meet someone who will align with our purpose. If we close our-self off and look at everyone like a suspect, we’ll actually turn into the person no one can trust. Let go of what happened and be open and hopeful for better. 
  5. Unforgiveness: Unforgiveness is sort of like bitterness. The longer you hold on to it, the longer it enslaves you. Unforgiveness hinders you from living, loving, trusting and experiencing joy. Unforgiveness is the enemy of abundant life. It traps you in Its web and mocks you every time you see or think of the person who hurt you. There is a way to break free though. Whoever you are holding unforgiveness against you need to address it. If possible, address it with the person you were offended by. If that is absolutely impossible, address it with a loved one or counselor you trust. What you don’t want to do is go another season pretending you don’t care, while secretly harboring malice. You’re only hurting yourself. Forgive and set yourself free. 

On your journey to deliverance from these wicked spirits that cause bondage in our lives, you are not alone. We have an advocate, a friend, a helper, and a teacher inside of us. Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. God is the one leading you on this journey. He is the one who caused your feet to move in the direction of healing and liberty. Since we know this it would be foolish not to allow His spirit to assist us and guide us through this process. Bring all of these issues to Yahweh in prayer, Speak the blood of Jesus Christ against those demonic forces and believe, by faith, that the blood is doing it’s just work on your behalf.

The moments ahead of us are sure to bear their own burdens and trials. We can’t afford to miss our destiny on the account of circumstances from the past that weigh us down. Start by being honest with yourself about your perspective of your past. If any of these areas are holding you back, attack it with wisdom, prayer, faith, and love. Get free and prosper in Jesus Name! 

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