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Declutter Your Heart And Mind In 2020

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Happy New Year! I know you’ve been making plans to decrease your dress size, increase your credit score and declutter your space. I’ve been doing the same. But among those things, the Holy Spirit has been leading me to declutter my heart and my mind of negative emotions too.

We know from scripture that from our heart flows the issues of life. We also know through the wisdom of the word that idle mind is the devil’s playground. It’s important for us to know that God is for us and not against us. He wants us to succeed and prosper as we are making faith moves and stewarding well over what He’s given us. However, in order for God to operate in us and lead us to that success and prosperity, we have to be free from those things that weigh on our hearts and distract us from God.

Are you holding any grudges? Are you housing spirits of resentment or bitterness? Are your thoughts plagued with accusations and assumptions about other people? If so, your heart and mind is cluttered.

The truth is, you can’t make good decisions or discern people well with a cluttered mind. More importantly, when your heart is clogged with negative feelings towards those close to you, you aren’t able to properly or effectively serve or hear from God. Trust me, I am not the poster child for an unclogged heart. The only reason I am fit to speak on this topic is because the Lord recently delivered me from this very thing. Once I was out I wondered how many others were being hindered and delayed because of this. I want to encourage you through this. Those negative thoughts and offenses aren’t worth holding on to. You are literally getting in your own way.

Maybe you aren’t hurt by someone else. Maybe you are just beating yourself up. The hard truth is this, Satan is using you to do his dirty work. He’s the accuser of the brethren. He’s the father of lies and the enemy of the church. What I’m saying is that when you beat yourself up about mistakes you’ve made or what you do or don’t have, you partner with your adversary by lying to yourself that you are worthless or hopeless. You are the daughter of the Most High. You are created in the image of the Living God and filled with His spirit. You can never be worthless or hopeless. It’s about time you remember whose you are and let go of that shame and guilt. Jesus bled on the cross and died and rose so that you can be found faultless and without stain before God. God does not see a sinner when He looks at you. He doesn’t see a foolish woman. He sees the glory and righteousness of Jesus Christ. It about time you look in the mirror and see yourself that way too. You are loved and forgiven!

So how do you actually declutter your heart and mind? Here are a few tips that helped me. Once you begin to do these things the Lord will take care of the rest.

  1. Identify the offenses and pain in your heart: Write out or speak out the offense or pain.
    • If you have trouble identifying the problem ask God to show you. Remember, He would rather you be free from heartache so He’ll be glad to show you.
  2. Ask for forgiveness: Holding on to offense is actually a sin against God, so go ahead and present that hurt to God and Ask for forgiveness.
    • Understand that Jesus already paid the price for that sin so don’t go on condemning yourself or allowing Satan to make you feel ashamed.
  3. Address the pain head-on/Talk to the offender: If the person you were hurt by is near or able to contacted, contact them and address the situation. It won’t be easy or comfortable, (TRUST ME, I KNOW) but discomfort is a low price to pay for a free and sound mind.
  4. Guard your heart with diligence: After doing these step it would be wise to go into prayer and ask God to help you guard your heart so those demon can’t return. We know from scripture that when evil spirits leave one place they wander and then try to return to where they came.
    • Ask God to fill that newly vacant space in your heart with good meditations and truth. Remember the truth shall set you FREE!

Let us not be girl bosses, with nice shapes, big checks, and clogged hearts. While you are partnering with God to glow up in 2020, let freedom from heart clutter be among your reasons for glowing. May God’s spirit sustain you as you press towards the mark of His higher calling this year. Be blessed sis!



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