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3 tips to overcome discontentment and comparison.

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“Sabrina Just got married,

Jasmine is traveling the world,

Kathy has her own apartment, 

Shayla just got her dream job,

And I’m still waiting for my breakthrough.”

So many women find themselves in this position. It seems like everyone around you is progressing in life and you’re just stuck in the same place. Or maybe nothing really exciting or extraordinary has occurred in your life so you feel discouraged and uninspired. I know this feeling all too well. Most women do. Especially in this new age where social media serves as a broadcast for everyone’s success. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fantasy that people portray on social media and feel like you’re losing compared to them. New cars, new shoes, new boo’s and you’re just sitting there in your pj’s.

So how do you overcome the comparison? How do you fight the spirit of depression and discontentment?

The truth is, it’s a process. A process that requires intentionality, boldness and patience. 

1. First, cut the sources of your discontentment. Nowadays, it often starts with social media. It’s time to log out, shut down or delete, sister. The Bible tells us that is a body part causes us to sin, then we must cut it off (Matthew 5 :30). Now, Matthew didn’t exactly mean this literally but he was making a point that it’s better to lose ONE body part that causes us to sin than to lose our WHOLE body and it be cast into hell. Likewise, it’s better to lose a measly social media account then to lose your mind, your peace, and your confidence. When you compare the two, it’s just not worth it. But maybe social media isn’t your problem, maybe it’s the spirit of depression or envy itself. If that’s the case then warfare prayer is your answer, sister. You must fast and pray against that spirit. You must take your RIGHTFUL authority over satan and bind him and his demons and command them back to hell. But don’t stop there. Get other prayer warriors involved and see if God will not move on your behalf and deliver you completely. The bible says that prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16).

2. Second, spend time investing in yourself. What I mean is you must figure out your strengths, your gifts, your interests. Get to know yourself and start to pursue happiness and acceptance of self. Many times, the reason why we are so easily discouraged is because we don’t have confidence in ourselves and what we have to offer. I suggest you start to travel, be a tourist in your own town, read books, take lessons you’ve always wanted to take, go out to eat or learn to cook something new. Save your money and repair your finances. Do things to organize your life and your thoughts, start working out. You’d be surprised at how these things could really transform your view of yourself. Now, you may say, Brianna, I already do all of those things and I’m still unsatisfied. Well, that brings me to my third point.

3. SPEND MORE TIME WITH JESUS! The more time you spend with your maker, the more you began to love and accept yourself. Even better, you start to love and accept other people as well. As you began to meet with God daily and seek Him in his word you’ll see that you no longer desire to be like or look like or live like anyone else. Suddenly, you’ll become grateful for who you are. Suddenly, you’ll become content with what you have. Next thing you know, the same people you envied you’ll start rooting for and learning from instead of coveting. It’s a beautiful thing to find yourself in Jesus. The bible reminds us in John 6:35 that Jesus is the bread of life, anyone who comes to him will not hunger, and whoever believes in him will not thirst. This lets us know that Jesus fulfills ALL of our needs. That when we are unsatisfied (hungry) and discontent (thirsty) all we need is the bread of life (the word of God who is Jesus) and we will be filled. 

Sisters, I encourage you to fill yourselves with the word today. The enemy will tempt you with distracting things in order to take away your confidence but I stand with you and Christ too and we declare victory over every spirit of lack, depression, failure, hurt and shame. We decree that you SHALL prosper and you SHALL overcome. Better yet, you are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Jesus Christ. I pray you were blessed and empowered by this post and that you run on in faith, knowing that God has already planned for you to succeed. Be blessed fam!



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